5 Online Marketing Tools to Help You Extend Your Business

5 Online Marketing Tools to Help You Extend Your Business

To do online marketing for your business, you should have to buy the right tools for it. But which tools are the best? Before discussing the online marketing tools you may require for your business let’s have a brief look at online marketing.

What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing is the practice of utilizing channels to promote the company’s brand products, or services to its targetted audience. Online marketing is performed through several techniques and methods which includes social media, email, search engine optimization, Google AdWords, etc. The main objective of online marketing is to reach its potential customers through web-based channels. The overall adoption of the internet has developed new channels for online advertising.

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Online marketing has exceeded traditional marketing, which was the most dominant way of marketing for decades. With the help of online marketing, businesses can reach a larger potential audience without expending a large number of dollars just like they spend in traditional marketing. Today anyone who has a small or large business can shift it to online and participate in online marketing. You only need to build a website and customer acquisition campaigns.

Benefits of Online Marketing

Online marketing has opened new doors for small and medium-sized businesses to spread their message to a larger potential customer. A few benefits include:

  • You can spread your message and demonstrate your expertise of service to your target audience through online marketing tools. Social media, blogging, email, and SEO allow you to educate your audience with your expertise in service providing.
  • Online marketing lets you build a new relationship in a more targeted way. You can use tools to meet new clients, influencers, colleagues, and improve your relationship with the existing people you know.
  • Online marketing tools allow you to target a highly specific niche so that you can deliver your message to the potential audience. It can assist you in targeting the customer who needs your services or products. And all of this can be done at quite affordable rates through targeting keywords on social media, blog posts, websites.
  • study by Hub Spot found that leads generated through online marketing techniques cost 61% less than traditional marketing leads. In traditional marketing, you had to travel around places and pay for printing materials. On the other hand, you can do online marketing by sitting at your home, the only thing you need is a laptop and internet.
  • You can find professional influencers in your industry through content marketing or social media. They don’t need to be at the same demographic location as you’re, but they can certainly promote your product or service to their loyal audience.
  • Online marketing tools help you to target the potential clients of your industry. Research shows that buyers are looking for experts online on social media, search engines, webinars, or by reading online reviews. If you don’t have a strong online marketing presence, your potential clients will go choose your competitor.
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3 Online Marketing Tools to Invest In Your Business


Buzzsumo lets you find the most shared content on topics or websites. It also gives you the feature of filtering out the type of content, and its advanced feature such as monitoring and influencers helps you in building a strong online presence in the market. For starters, it is free but at limited features.

Its premium cost $99 per month for small and medium-sized businesses. It is a great content marketing tool that helps you in finding trending topics, analyzing headlines and assist in producing an effective content topic.


If you’re creating a website and want to rank on the search engine, Ahrefs is the online marketing tool you should invest in. It makes it easier to understand SEO and, especially the Google algorithm. You can track keywords performance, measure social metrics, explore content ideas, do keyword research and perform backlink analysis.

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It is considered one of the best marketing tools to outrank your competitors on the online market. Its pricing ranges from $79 to $2500 per month. Ahrefs’s quality data and reliable results make it far more valuable than several free SEO tools.


It is a powerful email marketing tool that assists in generating effective marketing campaigns. Its automation features save you a lot of time which you can utilise in other means. It is a costly tool with a one-time fee starting from $2000, and thereafter, fees range from $199 to $599 per month. Its delivery rates are excellent and you can easily learn the system of the tool

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Last Words

If you’re a businessman who wanted to increase his sales through online marketing, then the above three tools are a must to use. Whatever online marketing tools you choose, make sure that you understand them well and that it makes a measurable improvement on your marketing efforts.

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