Sorare: Where Fantasy Football And Blockchain Meet

Sorare: Where Fantasy Football And Blockchain Meet

Sorare is a football fantasy game in which participants use digital player cards to purchase, transfer, trade, and handle a virtual team. Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort created the game in 2018 using Ethereum-based blockchain technology.

On the Sorare platform, participants act as managers, assembling virtual teams of five football players from blockchain cards. Teams are ranked and given points based on their players’ performance on a real-world soccer pitch, exactly like in traditional fantasy football.

Some of the cards are digital collectors items with a license (limited, rare, super-rare, and unique cards). Because of the usage of blockchain technology, digital cards have a proven scarcity.

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To safeguard the ownership and distribution of cards, Sorare uses Ethereum’s underlying blockchain network. The number of cards available is limited, and they can’t be changed, copied, or erased. The ERC-721 token standard on Ethereum is used to represent each player card as a non-fungible token. Each player card is one-of-a-kind and owned by the gamer; it is confirmed via the blockchain, and its value can appreciate or depreciate depending on market conditions.

Sorare’s license agreements with leagues like the K League and clubs like Real Madrid allow the Sorare cards to include official branding with season-specific player photographs and names. To learn more about. Sorare, click here.

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How To Play

To begin playing Sorare, you must first complete the registration process, sign up for one of the available tournaments, and assemble a team that will enable you to compete against other players.

You will be directed through the simple onboarding procedure available on the Sorare website once you have registered. The procedure is as follows: Choose a club’s name and logo; join the rookie league (where your free players can compete and receive awards); choose your three favorite clubs from which free players will be drawn and allocated to you at random; and finally, put together your squad.

When putting together your team, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Make certain, for example, that you choose players who play on a regular basis.

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Because players who are not on the team or who spend the entire game on the bench will not earn you points. You should also check that they have a decent average rating, which can be seen close to every one of the player profiles just on the left side of the display.You can only play in the Rookie league with your free cards. You must purchase at least 5 rare cards to enter the other competitions, in which you can earn rare cards and ETH.

The following are the three side games that are currently accessible to play:

  • Sorare Data is a data website that aggregates player scores and card prices in order to assist managers in making judgments.
  • Sorare Brag: A side game that lets you build private leagues and compete against other managers every weekend.
  • Sorare Mega: A side game in which players compete against other managers via Matchmaking with teams of three, five, eight, or eleven Sorare cards.
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For more information and strategies see

Making Profits On Players

With the quality of the players growing weekly based on game performance, it’s critical that you do your homework and choose individuals who can provide you with the most long-term return while also being enjoyable to play with. This is when the scouting notion comes into play.

Some of the best bargains will be made for players who are currently undervalued due to their lack of playing time, but who will carve out larger and more significant roles in their teams in the future. Even if you won’t be able to use these types of players in the short term, you might be able to make a good financial return if they turn out to be a successful long-term investment.

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Trading Player Cards

In Sorare, there are various options for purchasing players. The platform’s new buying area allows you to buy player cards directly from the platform; these cards were coined and then listed directly by Sorare, and have never been possessed by another user. These players are auctioned off to the highest bidder, with beginning prices set in Ethereum.

The transfer market is a feature of the game where you can buy players directly from other players in a secondary market. You may find fantastic prices with this method of buying, but bear in mind that any purchases made on the secondary market do not count toward the sign-up bonus.

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These players have a defined valuation, so Sorare doesn’t really permit you to bid off your playing cards; instead, you can establish a price for an immediate transaction.

Bidding directly for other players is the final way to purchase people in the game. This may be achieved by simply swiping on a player and then the “Make an offer” button.

Major European clubs such as Liverpool, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain FC, Bayern München, Juventus, and Atletico Madrid have all signed up to use the platform.

Sorare presently has 126 clubs registered on its platform, with the company seeking to triple that number in the near future.

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