Started streaming on Twitch? Here’s how to level up your Twitch game

Started streaming on Twitch? Here’s how to level up your Twitch game

With close to 10 million unique streamers on Twitch, the entire world is busy levelling up while playing games online. is home to tens of millions tuned in to watch their favourite streamers and creators live and engage with them. As you read this, Twitch is one of the biggest live streaming platforms on the internet, and its popularity continues to reach greater heights with more than 120 thousand average concurrent streams on the platform.

Thanks to the growing gaming industry worldwide, Twitch is also growing at a faster pace with each passing year, adding more streamers and viewers to its database (with around 150 million monthly active users in 2022, up from 55 million in 2015). Twitch’s popularity is a sign of global adoption of the creator/streamer lifestyle where gamers broadcast themselves in front of a live audience, and earn money while following their passion.

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This means that around 35 million daily active users on Twitch tune in to watch their favourite channels and streamers and get entertained. More interesting, on an average, there are close to 3 million people watching a live stream on Twitch at any given time! These statistics point towards a clear fact – there is serious money to be made as a gamer/streamer on platforms like Twitch. There are a lot of ways to earn money using Twitch, from ads and affiliate marketing to brand sponsorships and subscriptions from followers.

As a beginner, it is easy to look at as a lucrative option to earn a steady income. And rightly so, because top creators have been able to milk as much as $350,000 monthly revenue using Twitch. Now before you get all too excited and eager to start streaming, it is important to also consider that to become a top creator and earn serious money, you need to build a solid viewership and followers count on your channel.

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This is why a lot of new and emerging streamers buy twitch followers to get a head start on the streaming platform. If you too want to grow your Twitch channel in 2022, here are some actionable tips to be successful:

  1. Build an engaging profile: Everything starts and ends at engagement. The more engaging your channel and streams are, the more viewers will want to watch your streams. To start with, build an engaging profile on Twitch with a catchy bio, an attention grabbing channel art and a clear display picture which will resonate with your channel’s theme and target audience. The first thing viewers notice is your profile, and to gain their interest, you need to stand out with eye-catching design and crisp text so they would want to explore your profile.
  2. Set up realistic goals: When it comes to live-streaming, it’s very easy to compare your journey with top streamers and content creators on Twitch. Do not make this mistake as it will only lead to inconsistency, and quitting early. To be successful on Twitch, you need to set reasonable, attainable targets as your goals. For example – if you are new to Twitch, do not wish for achieving 1000 followers on your channel in one week. Instead, break it down into bite-sized, manageable goals which are practical.
  3. Social media is the key: Remember how you got to know about a product, platform, or a popular creator? It’s probably because of social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Reddit or Snapchat. For new creators, cross-promotion of content across multiple social media channels is important to grow your reach and visibility. This will help you connect with new audiences, and get a chance to turn them into viewers and followers for your Twitch channel. You can post links to your streams, or interesting screenshots from your chat to attract new viewers on non-Twitch sites.
  4. Find your niche: Twitch is home to hundreds of thousands of creators and streamers who are broadcasting themselves to a niche audience. The fact that the majority of streamers on Twitch are gamers, doesn’t mean that you have to be a gamer too. If you are passionate about something else, make sure to make that as your niche. Remember, the competition on Twitch is intense, and it might take you some time to get to the top. Having a niche that is relatable and exciting to you will ensure that you are consistently putting out content and showing up everyday for your audiences.
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Now that you know how to grow your Twitch in 2022, the next step is to buy Twitch followers. Why? Simply because the more followers you have, the more likely new audiences will want to tune into your livestreams and follow you. After all, nobody wants to follow lesser known streamers when they can entertain themselves with the popular ones.

To buy twitch followers for your channel, check out Twitch Followers – a legit and reliable website who can help you get real, authentic followers and turn your dream of becoming a top streamer on Twitch.