What Is A Tesla Powerwall?

What Is A Tesla Powerwall?

Tesla Powerwall is an intelligently designed solar battery for use in residential properties. This incredible renewable energy product has been hyped since it hit the market, and many people have been wondering if indeed it has lived up to the hype. Tesla Powerwall became a hit product with many solar retailers and within a short time, every retailer that has built a name for itself wanted to sell this product.

What is a Tesla Powerwall?

This is a standard lithium-ion battery that can be charged, using electricity for use as a backup in case there are power outages or when you have other technical issues that affect the supply of electric current to your home.

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Features offered by Tesla Powerwall batteries

According to Tesla Powerwall reviews, here are the features that these lithium-ion batteries offer.

  1. They are rechargeable

You can charge this battery using any source of electricity, and you can use it for backup whenever there is a power outage. It’s possible to connect up to 10 units of Powerwall to a single energy storage system, therefore making it viable for residential properties and small businesses.

  1. Available in two options

At the moment, you can either buy Powerwall+ or Powerwall 2. Although Powerwall 1 got discontinued in 2016, the newer product that is now on the market is quite better. Whichever you buy, you can store up to 13.5kw/h of current, while also delivering better output that can support more devices all at once.

  1. Tesla Powerwall Specs
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In the entire home battery market, Tesla Powerwall offers the best specifications. Its storage capacity and power output are excellent by all standards. This is partly because the batteries employ a combination of manganese, lithium, and cobalt oxide which are known to offer amazing levels of power storage no matter their size. Among its specs include 13.5 kWh storage capacities, a relatively friendly weight of 251.3 pounds, and an operating temperature range of -4°F to 122°F.

  1. Warranty

The 10 years warranty that Tesla Powerwall offers is unbeatable and is definitely among the best that the industry can offer. The 10 years warranty is a sign of trust by the manufacturer that this amazing product will and will guarantee the users value for money.

  1. Cost
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Although it’s priced higher than a majority of the battery systems that are available in the market, users benefit from the higher storage capacity and also the huge power output that it offers. A single unit of Powerwall will cost you $10,500, but you can save by buying two units that are priced at $17,000. That means that you pay $8,500 for each of them.


The Tesla Powerwall battery is much better when compared to other options in the market. Tesla Powerwall reviews from verified customers have awarded these ingenious batteries top marks. Well, if you keenly look at the technical specifications and compare them with others that are on sale out there, you will discover that there are some amazing choices that compete favorably with this brand.

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