“Cleo d’Osterode’s Net Worth Revealed: The Secrets Behind Her Wealth”


Cleo d’Osterode was an actress and the mistress of the Crown Prince of Bavaria who later became King Ludwig II. She was born in 1855 in London and died in 1935 in Paris. Although Cleo d’Osterode’s career in acting was eventful, she is best known for being the mistress of Ludvig II, which brought her considerable fame and fortune.

In this blog post, we will reveal the secrets behind Cleo d’Osterode’s net worth. We will discuss different aspects of her life, including her family background, acting career, and her relationship with Ludvig II. We will also explore how Cleo d’Osterode remained financially stable for most of her life.

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Family Background

Cleo d’Osterode was born in London to an English father and a French mother. Her father, Algernon Sydney Bickers-Lethbridge, was a baronet. Her mother, Marie Antoinette Rosine Bernard, was a French cabaret dancer. Due to her mother’s profession, Cleo’s upbringing was complicated and often filled with scandal.

Acting Career

Cleo d’Osterode started her career as an actress in London, where she performed in various plays. However, it was in Germany that she gained widespread recognition. She performed at several theatres in Germany, including the Royal Court Theatre.

Later in her career, she became a successful operetta singer and toured Europe, Russia, and the United States. Her performances were well received, and she was highly praised for her singing skills.

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Her Relationship with Ludvig II of Bavaria

Cleo d’Osterode’s relationship with Ludvig II of Bavaria began when she was performing at the Royal Court Theatre in Munich. Ludvig was immediately taken by her beauty and wit and began showering her with expensive gifts and lavish trips.

Their relationship lasted for several years, and during this time, Ludvig financially supported Cleo. On one occasion, he even gave her a castle in the Austrian Alps.

Other Sources of Income

Apart from Ludvig’s financial support, Cleo d’Osterode had several other sources of income. She continued to perform as an actress and singer, which were lucrative professions. Additionally, she had investments in income-generating assets, such as real estate and stocks.

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Net Worth

It is estimated that Cleo d’Osterode’s net worth was around $15 million at the time of her death in 1935. This figure is primarily based on her inheritance, including investments, and the financial support of Ludvig.


Q: Was Cleo d’Osterode married?
A: No, she was never married.

Q: Did Cleo d’Osterode have any children?
A: No, she did not have any children.

Q: What was Cleo d’Osterode’s biggest source of income?
A: Her biggest source of income was probably Ludvig II’s financial support.

Q: How did Cleo d’Osterode maintain her wealth?
A: Cleo maintained her wealth through her investments in income-generating assets and through her continued profession as an actress and singer.

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Q: Was Cleo d’Osterode successful in her acting career?
A: Yes, Cleo was successful in her acting career, both in London and Germany.

Q: How did Cleo d’Osterode’s relationship with Ludvig II end?
A: Their relationship eventually ended due to public pressure and Ludvig’s declining mental health.

Q: Where did Cleo d’Osterode die?
A: Cleo d’Osterode died in Paris in 1935.


Cleo d’Osterode’s net worth was primarily supported by her inheritance and the financial support of the Crown Prince of Bavaria. In addition, she had investments in income-generating assets and continued to perform as an actress and singer. Despite being involved in scandalous affairs, Cleo d’Osterode was successful in maintaining her wealth for most of her life.

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