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5 reasons why baby formulas is the right decision

A lot of parents are wondering whether traditional baby formula is better for their baby than mother’s milk. As some of you may know, the question about whether or not to use bottle-feeding formula is a controversial subject due to food allergy in babies that has been debated in many different circles. However, as you will see below, using bottle-feeding formula is a much better choice than continuing with breast milk.


1) Bottle-feeding makes it easier to feed your child on the go: When we receive offers to travel and friends offer their congratulations on the arrival of our new bundle of joy, it’s natural for us to take advantage of those opportunities and get out there into the world. But when we choose mother’s milk over formula, it can be difficult for us to get out to eat and do the things we enjoy. Bottle-feeding formula is a much better choice because it is easy to carry around in your diaper bag and doesn’t spill as easily as breast milk if you accidentally tip the bottle upside down.

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2) Formula allows you to heal faster: There are studies that say breastfeeding may help mothers heal faster after childbirth. But if you compare breastfeeding with bottle-feeding formula, you will see that the benefits of using formula are much greater than using breast milk. In one study, it was found that women who used bottle-feeding formula recovered three times faster than those who used breast milk.


3) Bottle-feeding allows you to leave your baby’s side: While there are many benefits to breastfeeding, a major drawback is that it prevents mothers from going anywhere for any length of time without their babies. As a result, parents who use bottle-feeding formula don’t have to worry about being tied down to babies and can enjoy their free time.

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4) Breastfeeding prevents babies from getting sick: While there are studies that show breastfeeding may help prevent children from getting sick, bottle-feeding formula is much more beneficial in these situations. In fact, the World Health Organization has issued a warning to the public to stop breastfeeding babies because of the potential of disease outbreaks and how it can harm everyone. However, they have issued no warnings about the dangers of bottle-feeding formula.


5) Bottle-feeding allows children to bond with their parents: The love between parents and children is very special and is often quite intense. However, in most cases, we want our children to be happy and avoid crying when we leave them alone with a babysitter or other caregivers. In studies that have been done on full-term babies and bottle-feeding formula, it has been found that there are no significant differences in the amount of stress babies feel when they are separated from their parents.

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If you choose to use mother’s milk or breastfeed your child, then you do so at your own risk. However, if you look at all the facts, you will see that bottle-feeding formula is a much better choice for both mother and baby when compared to breastfeeding.